ImagePy introduce and install

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ImagePy is a image processing framework based on python


ImagePy is developed by python,can run on Windows,Mac,Linux,users need install Python and the nesessary module(Numpy, Scipy, PIL, Numba, shapely, wxpython-phoenix) and scikit-image, matplotlib optional. These module can be installed by pip on Mac and Linux, but on windows, some of them need whl file.


If you are a programer,you can build the develop environment yourself,But donot worry, if you are not programmer or developer, we prepare a package for you, which you can install esaily.

1. Download

ImagePy is based on Python, we must install Python first.
32bit Python+modules
64bit Python+modules

2. Install Python

run Python3.6,remember to check the "Add Python 3.6 to PATH", then you can click next util the last.

3 Install Modules

run setup.bat,then wait sevral minutes,when you see "Everythin is OK!", you success!

4 Download ImagePy

down load ImagePy,(update right and now)unzip, and double click ImagePy.bat.